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The Neyk DSRV Submarine


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The deep sea explorer and offshore maintenance or rescue crew might find the extremely ruggedness of the vessel very comforting. They have a real use for the large acrylate dome that gives them a perfect sight on ‘what happens on the other side of the glass’. The excellent automated hoovering function makes that the crew completely can concentrate at the work at hand. They might find the possibilities of all kinds of adaptions Ocean Submarine can provide beyond their expectations. Think about robotized arms with various tools, or the use of ROV’s, a high pressure saturation chamber and an extra hatch to let divers in and out under water. That hatch also be used as a maintenance door for underwater installations of be of great value in rescuing other submarine crews if necessary.





Standard every NEYK submarine comes fully navigable with all necessary navigation systems, a fully integrated periscope, systems for surface and under water communication and safety equipment. But our NEYK submarine is a very flexible diving platform. Every vessel is unique and can be rigged with almost every piece of equipment to meet even the most demanding customer requirements. From adaptions for almost any offshore maintenance, deep sea rescue facilities, robotized arms, pressure chambers and whatever is necessary to fulfil the tasks at hand. Ocean Submarine also provides the necessary training and certification of the crew.