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News Neyk Submarine

International media reports on Neyk’s revolutionary submarine


Neyk Submarine developed the most manoeuvrable submarine in the world, for the private use of oil tycoons. The submarine has an ultra-modern tear-shaped hull with a modular interior, and comes equipped with the most advanced technology. Its windows also offer a panoramic view, so passengers can enjoy a most sensational underwater experience.

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NEYK 9F Luxury Submarine and the NEYK Stealth Submarine


Both submersibles are designed for launch and recovery from a large yacht. The NEYK 9F is available in 2,4,6,8 or 10 passenger configurations, depending on weight limitations. It has a large panoramic viewport in front as well as on top, which offers excellent visibility in all directions.



Electrical Room


Tbe frame distance in the huil has been developed in such a way that all 19in cupboards and battens fit between the frames. Tbis still leaves a passage height as big as possible and tbe maximum interior space. All cupboards are modular and suspended in a framework like a spacelab. They have a very high shock resistance and can easily be cbanged or increased.